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Doctorate courses:

* Analysis of biological databases

Monday 25 October 2010

* Genomics and Proteomics Course

16 -17 Feb 2011

* Protein Engineering Course

4-11 Jul 2011

Structural Biocomputing and Modeling Center

Scientific Interest and Objectives

The STRUCTURAL BIOCOMPUTING MODELING CENTER (SBMC) is part of the Instituto de BiologĂ­a Molecular y Celular (IBMC) of the University Miguel Hernandez (UMH).
The main scientific interest is the use of high resolution (3D) structural data to extract useful information on protein-protein interactions to elucidate protein interaction networks and to understand macromolecular complex formation. One of the goals is to discover new emergent properties that may arise from the systems biology points of view in order to understand better the entirety of processes that happen in a biological system.
Our interests include the modeling of macromolecular structures, dynamics and thermodynamics, structure-function relationships of soluble and membrane proteins, molecular mechanics simulations of macromolecular systems, enzyme mechanism, and ligand binding.

The SBMC's computational members maintain active collaborations with Luis Serrano at CRG (Barcelona). Dr. Serrano developed the software FoldX, which is used to obtain a quantitative understanding of the biological systems that in turn enable the prediction of molecular features, and the rational design and modifications that could improve features and behaviuor of the molecule.

For representative publications and specific research interests, see the SBMC staff directory.

SBMC scientists use high-performance computer hardware at the IBMC-UMH, including a ROCKS cluster consisting of more than 100 processors.